Goodwill Securities (GS) is a team of professional analysts specializing in risk assessment. We provide a wide range of analytical solutions applicable to political, regulatory, commercial and reputational risks of doing business in Russia and CIS. Key executives of our company have extensive relations with the media, major business communities, public authorities and large companies in RCIS.

A co-founder of Goodwill Securities Stanislav Aranovich is also the founder and president of our strategic partner the All-Russian Public Organization Investment Russia that encourages investment in the Russian Federation.

Thus, we are the first company in Russia specializing in risk consultancy, which unites not only experienced researchers and analysts, but also the resources of an All-Russian Public Organization that includes thousands of entrepreneurs from different regions of the country and abroad.


All-Russian Public Organization Investment Russia


Azamat Lukmanov


More than 6 years of experience in alaytical projects (integrity due diligence, forensic, political analyses e.c.)

Stanislav Aranovich 


President of the All-Russian Public Organization Investment Russia, 

Director-General of the Communication Group Aranovich and Partners

Timur Lukmanvov


GR expert, Co-chairman and Executive Director of the Bashkortostan regional office of "OPORA RUSSIA"


We provide a wide range of analytical services to prevent political, commercial, reputational, and corruption risks of doing business in Russia and CIS. 

However, our main specialization is the corporate intelligence services in two areas:

  • research of business and reputation of individuals and legal entities (Integrity Due Diligence);
  • verification of existing counterparties, forensic investigations.

There are no identical tasks in our work, but common features and challenges still exist, largely due to the requirements of the international law, including the FCPA and the Bribery Act. Therefore, for the convenience of our customers, we have prepared a number of standardized solutions: standart integrity due diligence check on private person or company, non-standart projects.


Our analytical reports are based on the following pillars: 

  • collection and systematization of open data (media, etc.);
  • collection and systematization of information from private databases;
  • an interview of informed sources in the business environment, government agencies and public organizations;
  • thorough analysis. 

The partnership with the All-Russian Public Organization Investment Russia allows us to have direct access to the business community in different regions of Russia.

Also entrepreneurs and managers of the following organizations act as sources of information: the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP), Delovaya Rossiya, Opora Rossii, the Russian Managers Association, the Association of Russian Banks, the Atameken Union (Kazakhstan), and others.


Quick Checkany requests

Confirmation of factual information, commonly available or known to local sources and unlikely to require original research.

This service is for your urgent tasks (it takes 1-2 days maximum).

High quality Integrity Due Diligence Checkfor private person 

Background (extended biography and source of wealth)

Shareholdings and directorships (active / non-active businesses, etc)

Political/business links


Causes for concern (any "red flags": criminal activity, bankruptcy, tax issues, etc)

Any other questions from client...

High qualityIntegrity Due Diligence Checkfor company

Overview and history

Ownership (nominal and real owners, their biography (background), financial position, assets, reputation and relationships)

Key executives (biography, reputation, links)

Political and business links

Judicial history of the company

Reputation (including standing with the authorities/regulator)

Causes for concern (ny "red flags": criminal activity, bankruptcy, tax issues, etc)

Non-standart Projectsfor company, private person, region, country e.c.

Following services are often in demand among our customers:

- standard reliability testing, as well as other specific solutions at the request of customers, not included in the standard package;

- research of political risks for your business in the country or region;

- analysis of regulatory risks;

- verification of the affiliation of the individual or company to another individual or company;

- pre-transaction due diligence;

- assets search and support of arbitration cases;

- Investigation of the investment climate in the industry (by country or in a particular region).

Case №1 (standart integrity due diligence check)

The client is a large Russian holding company

October 2017

Our client has received an offer to act as an investor in the project of production localization of medical components for the minimally invasive surgery. It was intended to construct an assembly plant in Russia and market the product in the territory of the EAEU countries. The transaction amount was estimated at $ 10 mln. Prior to conclude the investment agreement, the client decided to check the potential partners for their reliability and turned to our team for said purpose. The check has showed that those who wrote the investment suggestions previously repeatedly scammed after receiving the first tranche. As a result of the information received, our client refused to participate in the project and saved $ 1.5 mln, which had to be transferred to the account of an unfair partner according to the draft investment agreement.

Case №2 (country risks)

The client is the London consulting company N

September 2017 

The London consulting company has contacted us with the following request: their client required an assessment of country risks for players in the gold mining industry in Kazakhstan. This analysis was pre-transactional, as the client was planning a purchase gold assets in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Ultimately the whole list of risks have been analyzed: regulatory, in the field of legal proceedings, infrastructure, corruption, etc. The client also received explicit recommendations on the minimization of the mentioned risks and the strategy of building relationships with authorities, non-govermental organizations, etc. As a result of our work, the client received a comprehensive understanding of the risks and "rules" of doing business in the gold mining sector of Kazakhstan.